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All that you are


All that you are

All that you will ever be

Is a direct result

Of your thoughts

Your dreams...

The decisions that YOU make

And the actions that YOU take

YOU are what YOU think

Do it badly


If it’s worth doing

It’s worth doing badly

Coz you will have to do it badly

Before you’ll do it right

One step


To get to where you want to go

Put one foot in front of the other

Keep going one step at a time

And you will get there

It's exactly the same

For your goals, targets and dreams

Go after them

One step at a time

Just keep going

There may be times

When you have to dig deep

Just keep on going

One step at a time

And you will get there

Power up


When life's challenges come your way

Meet them head on

Stand up to them

Turn your ability UP

Turn your resiliency UP

Turn your experience UP

Turn your courage UP

Turn your positivity UP

Turn everything UP


And above all keep your head UP

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